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Omg. Stop blaming everything that doesn’t go in 1D’s favor on mgmt. They and mgmt spent more time on promoting the opening act than themselves. At my concert they had almost as much stage time as the boys and the constant ads flashing on the screen for 5sos. The fandom and the boys have changed, an unpopular thought that people choose not to see, but it has. The fan acc does nothing but talk about the boys even when there is no new song, album, photos, book, merchandise, appearances, events, tweets, concert, etc. Yet the fandom still talks about how proud and how much they love 1D. What does the fandom do during gap times, they create stupid silly tags, about the BOYS. 1D IS ALWAYS BEING PROMOTED COZ FANS ARE ALWAYS TALKING ABOUT THEM. It’s almost like there is this collective thought that 1D carries so much cache and the fans will not only spend money but also do the work, that they have stepped back and are doing less work in getting themselves out there. They choose to resign w/ the same mgmt. So saying all responsibility falls on mgmt’s shoulder and not 1D at all is like saying 5sos didn’t know that mgmt (two men) owns fifty percent while each 1D member owns 1/5 of the other fifty percent when they signed cos how can you expect them to know what they agreed to when their own drummer doesn’t know that a tadpole is an amphibian not a reptile, as excused by a 5sos fan. A mob mentality doesn’t mean your right it could mean a lot of you could be wrong.

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everyone take a break and listen to my father talk about larry stylinson

I lost it when he talked to the magazine, I almost peed

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No Coincidence

No Sophia, Liam tweets. Spotlight on other band members, Liam tweets. So he tweets when he’s bored. Basically, he only graces his fans with his presence when he’s “bored”. Thank you your grace. And everyone clamors and showers him with compliments. He tweeted #done not in reaction to the media but to reply to the lack of support by the fans for his relationship with Sophia, the girl whom he pinned over for years and who wouldn’t give him the time of day, that Sophia. Interestingly, they broke up when wwatour was in Latin America and she wasn’t with him there, but since they got back, she has enjoyed traveling to just about every destination thereafter and quite lavishly spent holidays with him. What does she do? Is she a student or does she have a job or does she come from money? Where is she getting those clothes and that Prada bag? Liam tweeted about helping someone with a uni project? It definitely wasn’t his sisters. So if she’s in uni, how has she been able to travel all this time? What, as long as they’re together, and every time he tours, is her uni going to give her an extension?

The like the fans have for Harry, Niall, Zayn and Louis is genuine, but with Liam it’s more of kissing his ass and walking on eggshells, not to insult his ego. And no coincidence that the confidence of the other four comes from within while his is based on the adoration fans give him.

Liam’s interaction with the fans was different pre-Sophia

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